No Ticket For The Subway? Prepare To Be Tasered

An unidentified man in Los Angeles has arrived at a completely different destination than he had planned...

The incident took place at the North Hollywood Red Line station on Wednesday night.
According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, a sheriff's deputy repeatedly asked the man if he had a ticket. (No word on why Deputy Fife chose this man for ticket verification)

The man didn't answer, so Deputy Fife decided it was prudent to question the man. He took hold of his hands to stop him. According to the Sheriff's Department spokesman, "the man broke free, raised clenched fists and charged the deputy several times."

Now what?

Fife tasered the man.

The man got back up, charged, and he was tasered again.

And one more time...

After the third shock, the man didn't get up.

As a matter of fact, the apparently ticketless man died.

The sheriff's department says that a "pipe used to smoke drugs" fell to the ground during the "scuffle".

No word on which scuffler's pocket the pipe fell out of.


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