Nuns Chase Down Armed Robber Help Police Handcuff Him

Don't mess with the Nuns...

It's a story that sounds like a movie plot, or even a joke. But, it's very serious. A pair of nuns chased down an armed robbery suspect and helped police put the handcuffs on him.

You can call it an act of God, or divine intervention. But, whatever you call it, one thing is clear: you don't mess with nuns from the Sisters of Saint Francis.

A typical morning at the Saint Francis of Holy Eucharist Convent at 24 Highway and Noland Road in Independence turned out to be anything but typical.

"We looked out window and saw someone in the bean field," said Sister Connie. "I thought it was someone hunting. He was dragging something with him."

Sister Connie soon realized the man was not on a mission from God.

"He kept coming across the field...I saw he had a gun in hands, what I thought was a rifle, and he dropped it in the field," said Sister Connie.

Not a man of the cloth, but a gun toting, tool wielding suspect who police think is responsible for two other burglaries in the area. Little did he know, his crime spree would soon be over.

"Sister Catrina started chasing him on foot," Sister Connie told us. Sister Catarina was just wearing flip flops on her feet. But, she took off after the man.

"I chased him behind the green house...I caught him again," said Sister Catarina.

Eventually he got away, but not for long. The story ended with the suspect in handcuffs.

"He could have harmed us and he didn't. Instead he chose to run, that tells me something about this young man," said Sister Connie.

When asked, the sisters said they hope the man will learn to change his ways after all of this. Of course, it's now up to the prosecutors office if charges will be filed.


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