A "Say What?" To White House Budget Director Peter Orszag

What do you do when you find yourself spending two or three times what you earn? If you are the United States, you spend more and justify this spending with illogical statements...

When asked about the projected 1.6 TRILLION dollar deficit this year, and a projected combined deficit of 7 to 9 TRILLION dollars over the next 10 years, White House Budget Director Peter Orszag had this to say, "I know there are going to be some who say that this report proves we can't afford health reform. We simply can't afford to wait."

Say what?

Health Care Reform is expected to cost roughly 1 Trillion over a period of 10 years. President Obama has said this will be paid for via savings and cost cutting in other areas.

Say what?

As always, our fine politicians play the blame game, rather than making the hard choices and doing what needs to be done.

From the Democrats: The Deficits and our Debt is our legacy from Dubya and the Republicans.

From the Republicans: The Deficits and our Debt is the result of the Democrats tendency to overspend.

The insanity is played out, day after day, month after month...

Unfortunately, someone, somewhere will have to pay for all this. It could be us, very soon. It could be our children, in decades to come.

Stop pointing fingers. Do something.

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