Vibram FiveFingers Shoes-Barefooting Is In

While Vibram Five Fingers shoes might be the goofiest looking shoes you have ever seen, those who own and wear them are raving:

John Biggs on Crunchgear had this to say in a review:

"I swore I’d never wear them. We called them the Five Fingers of Suck a few years ago and I was sure they were crazy...

...Here’s my story: I ran a marathon a few years ago. I got plantar fasciitis and couldn’t run after the marathon...So I tried a few things - the elliptical, weight training, losing some freaking weight - but the thing that saved me were these shoes."

Read the whole review HERE

The New York Times has this to say about those funny looking Fivefinger "shoes":

"...Recent research suggests that for all their high-tech features, modern running shoes may not actually do much to improve a runner’s performance or prevent injuries. Some runners are convinced that they are better off with shoes that are little more than thin gloves for the feet — or with no shoes at all...

...It has also inspired some innovative footwear. Upstart companies like Vibram, Feelmax and Terra Plana are challenging the running-shoe status quo with thin-sole designs meant to combine the benefits of going barefoot with a layer of protection. This move toward minimalism could have a significant impact on not only running shoes but also on the broader $17 billion sports shoe market."

Read the whole story HERE

Hmmm...maybe, just maybe, you should check this FiveFinger thing out...Vibram FiveFingers


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