Men Spray Bees With Pressure Washer, Bees Get Revenge

From Fileunderi's new revised edition of "The Art Of War"...

"When attacking a few bees with a pressure washer, make sure said bees do not have thousands of brothers nearby..."

The story:

Three people were attacked by a swarm of bees that came from a hive about the size of a car engine.

"I have never experienced anything like this before in my life," said Kendall Todd, owner of Affordable Pressure Cleaning in Palm City.

Todd and his brother were pressure cleaning Becky Engebretsen's driveway in the 1800 block of Northwest River Point Drive on Monday, when they first started noticing some bees. After spraying the bees with water, more continued to show up until finally the men were forced to take off on foot.

"We ran a quarter mile and the swarm was still attacking us," Todd said.

Todd was stung three times, and his brother was stung nine times.

"I deal with this stuff a lot but nothing like this, ever," Todd said.

Todd and his brother sat in a fire truck for about an hour; until the bees subsided after the pressure cleaning machine was turned off.

Engebretsen got stung twice, once on her check and ear, when she went outside looking for Todd.

"My neighbor said the hive was out there for about three years," Engebretsen said. "It never bothered anybody until today."

Steve Kinch, from Alpine Farms Bee Removal in Palm City, believes the bees became upset over the loud noise and vibrations coming from the pressure cleaning machine.

The bees could have also gotten more aggressive over time because of how large the hive had gotten.

Kinch doesn't believe the bees were the aggressive African wild bees. They usually live in smaller hives.

However, nobody will know for sure unless the bees are sent to a lab.

It took Kinch two hours to remove the hive that hung about 4 feet from the tree and was 2-feet thick, making it the biggest hive he has removed from a tree, he said.

"It was a humongous hive. It has been there for at least a few years," he said.

While Kinch was removing the 100 pounds of honey comb, the bees continued to try to attack him.

"If I knew then what I know now, I would have had them taken care of," said Engebretsen. "I can't have them chasing down workers."

From the Orlando Sentinal


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