Psycho Donuts-Doughnut Shop in California Is Drawing Customers and Protests

Now THIS is our kind of Donut Shop. We want to try the bipolar doughnut with half chocolate frosting and nuts...

Jordan Zweigoron had envisioned an "edgy" doughnut shop. But he had no idea his themed store in a strip mall in Campbell, Calif., would incite protests and TV broadcast debates about the mentally ill in America.

"The trouble started about two weeks in after opening," Zweigoron said. "A small handful of people took what we were doing very literally."

In Zweigoron's shop, Psycho Donuts, customers are handed bubble wrap to pop as they come through the door. Cashiers dress in old-fashioned nurses' outfits and patrons can get their picture taken in straight jackets near a mock padded room before they head out to sit in the "group therapy" area.

Read the rest of the story on ABC

Here is the link to the Psycho Donuts Website

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