Manslaughter Is Okay If Its An Exorcism In New Zealand

Five siblings were convicted in June of manslaughter in the death of their niece, 22 year old Janet Moses. Janet's aunts and uncles were convinced that the poor girl was possessed by an evil spirit, or makutu in Maori, the indigenous language of New Zealand.

The five were convicted by a New Zealand High Court after they decided that the best way to remove the evil spirit would be to pour water in Janet' mouth and nose.

For several days.

Until she drowned.

Apparently, that is how you remove evil spirits in New Zealand.

Sentencing took place this Friday and the judge said, ""The accused did what they genuinely thought was right I have no doubt they believed that she was possessed by makutu and were trying to help." Prosecutors said that while the family might have believed Janet was possessed, or cursed, she may have been mentally ill.

No kidding?


Convicted of manslaughter.

And the sentence??

Community service.

And the Insanity continues...


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