86 Year Old Woman Arrested For Shoplifting Anti Wrinkle Cream

Ella Orko was arrested for the first time in 1956. The charge? Petty Larceny.

Ella was arrested for the 61st time on Sunday, August 2nd. The charge? Shoplifting.

Ella, who uses 20 aliases, stuffed $252 worth of stuff in her pants at Dominick’s Finer Foods in Chicago. Her take included:

11 packs of AA batteries
5 packs of salmon
4 jars of Tasters Choice Coffee


Drumroll please...

Two packs of L’Oreal RevitaLift anti wrinkle cream


Eight jars of Oil of Olay face cream

Ella, who is pictured above, should know that it's never too late to reform her ways...but it's probably a little late to reform that face.

She is being held on $10000 bond.

Source:Chicago Sun Times

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1 comment:

David said...

How the heck did she cram all that stuff in her pants much less walk with it clanging around her private bits????