One Important Thing A Carjacker Should Be Able To Do

A 23 year old Reno, Nevada man decided he needed a car, and carjacking seemed to be the best way to get it. So, on Monday, Kent Boedicker hung around the Borders Books parking lot looking for just the right victim.

He thought he had found her when he approached a 57 year old registered nurse in her 4 door Hyundai. She was just rolling the window down when Boedicker approached, and she later said he appeared pale, ill, and had cuts on his body. She asked Boedicker if he needed help...

Boedicker then opened her door, pulled a gun, and told her he was taking her car.


Well, not quite. Boedicker got in her car and...and....well he just couldn't.

You see, there was one important skill our master carjacker hadn't mastered yet:

He couldn't drive a stick shift.

So, the rest of the story is pretty much what you would expect. Boedicker was caught and remains in jail in lieu of $10,000 bail. Ms. Nurse has her car. The police determined the gun was a BB gun.

Alls well, that ends well.

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