Amazon Kindle DX: Larger, Higher Capacity And More Expensive

Amazon has announced the Amazon Kindle DX for those of you who would like a much larger screen and want to double the capacity of your Kindle 2.

The Kindle DX has a 9.7 inch display (compared to 6 inches for the Kindle 2) and comes with 4GB of memory with the capacity to hold around 3500 books. (compared to 1500 for the Kindle 2).

As we have stated in previous posts, it will be interesting to see if E Books finally win the battle with those pesky printed and bound items we have been reading for centuries. Those with insight into the future have been screaming about this development for a decade or so. Watching the demise of Newspapers around the Country has given us cause to think that the digital age is now TRULY upon us...

The Kindle DX ($489) is the Fileunderi product of the day, but the Kindle 2 is still a great value.


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