The Mile High Club: Do Pilots Work The Flaps Better?

Every once in awhile The Mile High Club becomes a hot search, and we here at Fileunderi wonder what these folks are searching for...

In case you are one of the searchees:

The Mile High Club is only for those who have had an encounter in a flying plane. Get more information at the Mile High Club "Official Site".

If you are looking to join the Mile High Club, but don't want to do it on a commercial airliner, you can visit the Mile High Atlanta website. They will take you up for one hour to an altitude of 5,280 feet and you can...umm..."encounter" to your hearts content. They have a Piper Cherokee Six converted:

Mile High Atlanta advertises a discreet pilot, a certificate of accomplishment and you get to keep the sheets as a souvenir! All this for only $379 per couple.

Here is the Mile High Atlanta Website

Keep the sheets???

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