Missing Link Found Darwinius Masillae AKA Ida Proves Darwin Correct?

Has the unearthing of 47 Million Year Old Darwinius Masillae, or Ida, proven Darwin correct? Is the missing link found? Is she, in fact, the representative of "the missing link", the proverbial, elusive transitional fossil that would at least bring us closer to "proving" evolutionary theory?

Or, is sweet little 47 Million year old Ida just another fossil of a species in the long chain?

There are many who say that, while important, Darwinius Masillae does not deserve the massive headlines she is getting. Here is an interesting article on the subject...

Frankly, we are not impressed. The missing link has been living next door to us for about 4 years.

Image Source: ScienceBlogs.com

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