Silicone Holocaust: Yes, Any Moron Can Register A Domain Name

Silicone Holocaust was a trendy search yesterday. Why? We don't know, but here is their website Silicone Holocaust.

While we here at Fileunderi realize that silicone implants are a problem and have actually killed some women, the use of the term Holocaust in this context is...well...outrageous. Holocaust? Not hardly.

There are Holocausts, and there is THE Holocaust. This problem qualifies as neither.

For those of you too lazy to click on THE Holocaust link, here it is in a nutshell: Millions of people were brutalized, dehumanized and slaughtered over the period of a few years. For those of you who deny that THE Holocaust happened, there are hundreds of pieces of evidence and eyewitness accounts for each of you.

You can blame the FDA for this all you want, but remember that NONE of these women were dragged kicking and screaming to the operating room. What poisoned these women was their own vanity. Like the recent Hydroxycut recall, the guilt in this case lies with those moronic enough to place foreign chemicals in their body to achieve a quick fix for their perceived flaws.

Once again, we have a group of people who believe they can place the blame for their poor choices or mistakes on another person or entity. Unfortunately, the citizens of our country have become, for the most part, sniveling children who expect the Government to protect them from themselves.

Holocaust? More like mass stupidity.


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