Father Used Dog Shock Collar On His Kids

Father Used Dog Shock Collar On His Kids

An Oregon man has been arrested for putting an electric dog collar on each of his four children and shocking them.

Todd Marcum, 41, said he did it "because he thought it was funny," according to local police. The four children, ages 3, 6, 8 and 9, had been shocked while wearing the collar at least once, according to a statement from their father. Marcum told police he would chase the 3 year old around with the shock collar, making him cry.

Marcum is in jail charged with four counts of first degree criminal mistreatment. The children are in the custody of their mother.

Dog shock collars are used to train dogs and to control barking. They are less powerful than a taser, but still give the wearer a pretty good shock. Especially a small child.

We at Fileunderi can think of a couple of great punishments for Mr. Shock Collar, if convicted. but we won't get into that here. This is, after all, a PG-13 blog.


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