Orangutan Makes A Run For It At Australian Zoo

An Orangutan Makes A Run For It At Australian Zoo:

A 137 pound orangutan, described as "ingenious" by the zoo curator, briefly tasted freedom at said zoo the other day...

27 year old Karta jammed a stick into the electric fence, disabling it, then piled up debris to scale a retaining wall.

Zoo patrons were evacuated and zoo keepers were standing by with tranquilizer guns as Karta sat on the retaining wall for 30 minutes or so...apparently contemplating her next move.

She then dropped back down into her enclosure. Perhaps she just wanted to show that she could do it.

The zoo's curator describes Karta as "ingenious" and said she tries to outsmart her caretakers on almost a daily basis.

Source: uticaOD.com

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