Welfare Mom Denied Entry Into Canada

A Michigan welfare mom is just a little upset after she was denied entry into Canada by Canadian border agents. As a matter of fact, she is so upset that she has filed a discrimination complaint.

The reason she was denied entry?

She is on welfare.

The 25 year old mother of 2 (ages 5 and 1) attempted to cross the border on May 1 to visit friends. When she called ahead, she was told she only needed I.D. and proof of custody of the children. When she arrived at the border, she was told she also needed evidence of citizenship, financial support, financial assistance, confirmed means of departure and more.

She attempted another crossing on May 3, but was told she didn't make enough money and "people on welfare shouldn't take a vacation". They also told Ms. Mom to come back when her life had "drastically changed" . She said she was "stunned", and wasn't necessarily upset because of the welfare thing...just that she was treated rudely and unfairly.

Ms. Welfare also claims that the people she had planned to stay with were going to "cover all her expenses".

A spokesperson for the Canada Border Services Agency said there are many reasons people are "deemed inadmissible"...terrorism, organized crime AND “A foreign national may be inadmissible for financial reasons if they will be unable to support themselves while they are here in Canada.”


Have we left something out?

Oh yeah, Ms. Welfare has been on public assistance for 5 years. (Please see ages of her children again...top of the post).

While we here at Fileunderi think that Canada is not exactly the epitome of a "Welfareless" State, we are going to have to file this under:

"Shut The Hell Up Lady"

And, oh yeah...do you plan on working at anytime during your adult life?

Image and Story Source: Argus-Press.com

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I completely agree! Why should she get to take a vacation when I haven't had a vacation in what.....15 years or more??? I mean PLEASE!! She's been on welfare for FIVE YEARS!!!! And yet she feels the need for a vacation. WHY??? It's not like she has a lot to do in her life. And I don't even want to hear about how "hard it is to raise children....why it's a fulltime job in itself"....WHATEVER. I work fulltime and I've got my own kids to raise. You don't see me collecting a check and doing nothing but sitting around on my butt all day long.
By the way, great photo of the welfare Mom and kids...sure wish I could afford (AS A WORKING MOM) to get a nice family portrait of myself and my kids. But oh wait....that's right. I can't afford such luxuries for myself because I'm to busy working so I can send all my money to the government so they in turn can send it on to all those welfare mom's who are to lazy to get a job. Gotta love America....