Miss California Carrie Prejean Racy Photo: Give Us A Break

The Miss California Carrie Prejean Racy Photo Scandal (doesn't this deserve an acronym?)has been the talk of the town the last few days, and those of us that arrive early at Fileunderi are wondering...


A fake boobed bimbette gives a non-PC answer to a question from Perez Hilton (who is openly gay...sniff sniff...is that a set up we smell?) and she is crucified for it? THEN, she grabs her little 15 minutes and runs with it...

Let's look at these facts one at a time, shall we?

(By the way: if you are here looking for the pic, rumor has it that she was 17 when it was taken so we won't put it on our fine, upstanding blog. But for those of you who must see about 1/5 of her pre-ballooned up breast, the photo is HERE)

Anyway, the facts as we see them:

1. Would anyone like to hazard a guess as to the percentage of contestants in that fine pageant that have had their body...er...altered in some way?

2. Do you think Miss Prejean was the only contestant that doesn't believe in gay marriage? And besides, it's a FREAKING BEAUTY CONTEST. Who cares?

3. Why was Perez Hilton there? Seriously, a judge? He's a freaking blogger. W-T-F?? (and why the hell weren't we judges?)

4. Racy Picture? Ummm...no. We have seen more breast exposed at the mall. Call us when the "oral" video is dug up and released. Come on, it's got to be out there somewhere.

Frankly, there isn't anything shocking, interesting or sustainable with this story. It ranks right up there with "Joe The Plumber Calling Gays Queer".

Let's move on, shall we?


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