Ex South Korean President Roh Moo hyun Takes Political Suicide To New Heights

Could someone please forward this to Rod Blagojevich...

Ex South Korean President Roh Moo hyun, caught up in an apparent Six Million Dollar bribe scandal, has taken the term "political suicide" to new heights. The former South Korean President ran and won the South Korean Presidency in 2002 on a reformist platform and rode a brief wave of popularity at the start of his term.
Unfortunately, his popularity not only waned, it plummeted, and his successor won the biggest landslide in South Korean free elections history in 2007.

Once out of office, you would expect Moo-hyun to ride off into the sunset, but his family was accused of taking a Six Million Dollar bribe from a major South Korean shoe manufacturer during his presidency. He was questioned about this late last month and his wife was scheduled to be questioned also...she was accused of taking One Million of the Six (his niece is accused of taking the other 5 Million in bribes).

So, what's an Ex-President to do?

If you are an American politician, you keep your face out there, step up the publicity, ignore the issue, deflect attention to other issues, hope it goes away and generally play the martyr.

If you are a South Korean politician, you go for a hike with your bodyguard to the top of a mountain cliff...and jump to your death.

That is exactly what Roh Moo-hyun did on Saturday.

His suicide note read, "The suffering caused by me is too great to too many people. The suffering in store for the future is too much to bear. The remainder of my life will only be a burden to others."

Hopefully, there will now be a new course taught in "American Politician School".

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