Man Steals Clothing...Fills Out Job Application Before He Leaves

The Fileunderi Criminal/Moron of the Day:

A man "shopping" at a Dayton, Ohio store decided to take advantage of all the store employees being in another room by stuffing around $400 dollars worth of clothing into his shirt and waistline. Stanley Wright was a regular "customer", according to employees, so they weren't really paying attention to him.

So far so good, right Stanley?

What's your next move? Head for the door and motor for your secret hideout?


Stanley decided to stop at the front counter and fill out an employment application.
With all his contact information.

Then he left. Once he went through the doorway, the alarm went off. Store employees called police. The police arrived and drove over to the St. Vincent's Hotel for the Homeless (the address Einstein put on his application). They found Stanley in the leisure room...ironing a pair of jeans he had just stolen.

Mr. Job Application is in the Montgomery County Jail charged with theft and utter stupidity.


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