They Found Jesus In A Bag Of Cheetos

Jesus has been popping up everywhere in the last decade or so and Fileunderi is there to report all the sightings for you. Who can forget the infamous grilled cheese sandwich sighting (conveniently sold on eBay for a pretty penny)? More recently, He appeared in a church seat cushion on an obscure island in the Pacific And now, Jesus has decided to show up in the form of a cheese snack...

Dan and Sara Bell of north Texas were on a road trip last weekend and grabbed a bag of Cheetos at a gas station. Sara was munching on the snacks and had placed a few in her hand. When she looked down at the last one, there was J.C. himself...or at least what they believe to be a likeness of a figure in a robe praying.

When Sara mentioned it to Dan, he looked over at it and said "Wow, it does look like a praying Jesus."

The little 2" Savior likeness is missing a right arm (Sara probably ate it), but the Bells swear they see a body, hair, robe and even a tiny little Jesus face.

The Bells' Cheeto ended up on the front page of the Preston Hollow newspaper, and the Bells are trying to decide what do with Him. Dan said his first reaction was... "Let's put this on eBay. How much do you think we should ask for it? It could be 25 cents, could be 25 dollars. If it's only 25 cents, we're just going to eat it."

Yes, you can find anything on eBay.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention that the Bells have a nickname for their little treasure...

Wait for it...


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