Thieving Bank Manager Sets Fire To Vault To Cover His Tracks

Thieving Bank Manager Sets Fire To Vault To Cover His Tracks

The Fileunderi Moron/Stupid Criminal of the Day:

Dwayne Roberts is (soon to be was) a bank branch assistant manager for a 5th 3rd Bank in Indiana. Dwayne enjoyed taking a little of the bank assets from time to time.
Apparently, Dwayne had this feeling he was going to get caught and he needed a plan to cover his tracks.

Hmmm...what to do?

Dwayne came up with a novel idea: He would set a fire inside the bank vault.

So, he sent his employees home early and did just that.

Unfortunately, there was a problem with this plan AND Dwayne made a crucial mistake.

First, the mistake:

Dwayne dropped his keys inside the vault after setting the fire and locking the vault. Now with the keys inside said vault, Dwayne can't lock the doors to the bank OR get in his truck and head for the hills. Dwayne calls 911. Police find Dwayne's keys inside the vault. Police also find $6000 in cash in Dwayne's truck.

There is also one little important thing Dwayne forgot about when he formulated his plan...the security camera inside the vault. Said camera clearly shows Dwayne as the last one to go in and out of the vault, and a box of cash flaming up as soon as he left the vault.

Dwayne is facing felony arson and theft charges. Authorities are considering filing Federal charges too. Fileunderi is charging him with absolute stupidity...

The bank suffered smoke damage and is closed until Saturday.

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