Oops! Pirates Captured After Threatening Wrong Ship

The Fileunderi Morons of the Month (To Date):

Pirates Captured After Threatening Wrong Ship

From a distance the large ship on the horizon looked like the perfect target, ripe for a successful spot of piracy.

But as Somali pirates sped toward the vessel sailing near the Seychelles Islands on Sunday, they were horrified to see two boats and a helicopter set off from their target and launch their own counter-attack.

They had failed to spot iin the dazzling sun, that the "merchant ship" they thought they were intercepting was actually a French naval ship bristling with cannons, radar technology and armed commandos.

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We at Fileunderi realize pirating is a tough job and all...but the Somali Pirates have to be be the worst pirates in the history of booty taking and pillaging.

And their Pirate Ships suck.


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