Visible Vote Track Your Legislators With iPhone, Blackberry Or Facebook

Our cool item of the day is Visible Vote.

Visible Vote allows you to track your legislators using your iPhone, Blackberry or Facebook. Now this is Transparent Government folks!

From the Visible Vote Facebook page:

What the app does for you:
1) Sends an overview fax every week to your legislators on how YOU and others in his/her district are voting.
2) Automatically provides feedback to you when senators vote for or against you.
3) It will update you on new issues to vote on from your profile page. (This is done by using the Add to Profile button in the application.)

What you can do with this app:
1) Send a FAX to your Legislators through Facebook.
2) Track how your legislators are voting on issues you care about.
3) Vote on the same issues as your legislators.
4) Compare your overall agreement to your friends on major issues.
5) Look at the biography of each legislator.
6) Look at each issue your legislator agrees or disagrees with you on.

Visit the Visible Vote Facebook page HERE...or the Visible Vote Website HERE

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