2009 Stimulus Check: Don't Wait By the Mailbox

The rumors of a 2009 Stimulus Check are running rampant and scam websites are popping up daily here in WWWeb land. So, as a public service to our loyal readers, we will give you the facts, and nothing but the facts (or as close to the truth as we can find. Okay, we will just pass along some rumors).

Are you employed and struggling to make ends meet?

No stimulus check for you...although we have heard rumors of a small tax cut. $13 a week is being thrown around.

Are you retired, on SSI?

We are getting conflicting reports here, but it seems you might get one. $500 is the rumor.

Do you still make plenty of money or own a small business or your corporation isn't really important to the economy?

Bend Over

Didn't get a check in 2008 because you didn't file taxes in 2007 because you are hiding from the Feds?

You can still get your 2008 Stimulus Check! Go for it!!

Do you run a large corporation that is deemed important to the economy or you are a large contributor to the folks in Washington D.C.?

How much do you need? Help is on the way.

As for us...we gave up on being stimulated a long time ago.

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Darryl said...

As a federal retiree, I'm told that when I file my 2009 tax return in March of 2010, I'll get a $250 tax credit. Strikes me that is kind far down the road to help the current economy.