Alex Rodriguez: A Rod- A Is For Anabolic

And here it is. The day has finally arrived when the man EVERYONE said didn't do it..has apparently done it. Only Junior is left now. Maybe he didn't. Who knows anymore?

So, Sports Illustrated is reporting that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for two types of anabolic steroids in 2003...when he played for the Texas Rangers, won the MVP and led the AL in Home Runs. According to SI, A Rod was approached at a Miami gym to comment on this and he refused to discuss it.

As you might recall, Jose Conseco told us a story that he introduced A Rod to a steroids dealer and A Rod tried to steal Jose's wife. (Thanks for the lead bro..nice looking woman you got there).

You know what? I don't give a damn anymore. I haven't given a damn since The Rocket issue. I think the only guys not juiced back in the day couldn't make it out of AAA or off the bench. The pitchers were juiced and the hitters were all evens out.

There will be countless articles about this and telling us how A Rod let us down. Bullshit. They are rogues. All of them. What did John Kruk tell the lady who scolded him and a few of his buddies because they weren't acting like "role models"?

"Lady, we aren't role models, we're ballplayers". Or something like that.

The hell with it.

Play ball.

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