Miley Cyrus Sued For 4 BILLION Over Slant Eyed Photo

A Los Angeles woman, Lucie J. Kim, has filed a class action lawsuit for FOUR BILLION Dollars against Miley Cyrus because her slant eyed photo has offended Asian Americans.This is the photo we discussed in another post HERE and HERE.

Lucie Kim claims to represent 1 million Asian American Pacific Islanders in her class action suit, and this picture has caused them harm to the tune of 4 Thousand Dollars each. Kim claims that she and others are victims "of discriminatory acts.”
Kim goes on to claim that Cyrus “knew or should have known that her image would be publicly disseminated via the media, which Cyrus knew focused on her private life.” The suit also alleges that the star “had actual knowledge that her conduct was in fact a form of racism, prejudice and mockery of the physical attributes of Asian Pacific Islanders.”

We here at Fileunderi believe that, if this goes to trial, Miley's Attorneys should call everyone of these 1 million people to the stand and ask them if they have ever used the "N" word. Or, if they have EVER made fun of someone because of their race, creed, religion, disability etc. EVER. The lead attorney could start with Ms. Kim.

So it okay if we call you Lucie or does that insult you? Anyway, Lucie, you think this photo was offensive?? You don't really, do you? Of course not. Your problem is you are an attention whore and you want your 15 minutes. If the photo in question was THAT offensive then you need to grow another layer of skin. Maybe 2. What it boils down are a member of one of many minority groups that scream discrimination at the drop of a hat. And frankly, you should be brought before a judge and jailed for filing a frivolous lawsuit. A freaking photo? Are you serious?

Sorry folks..this is bullshit.

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