Amber Carter: Teacher By Day...Prostitute By Day Too

A Bellefontaine Ohio Fourth Grade teacher,Amber Carter, has been arrested at a local hotel and charged with prostitution. It seems that Ms. Carter was soliciting sex for money on everyone's favorite hookup site, Craigslist.Problem was, her hookup was during the school day and she "firmed it up" using the school computer. Then, she cut class for the rest of the day.

Another problem? The hookup was with the Logan County Sheriff's Department after they had found her ad.

A woman answering a phone listing for Amber Carter in Bellefontaine hung up on a reporter seeking comment Wednesday.

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Photo Source: Associated Press


Anonymous said...

Coming from someone who knows this woman, this is going to sound typical, there has to got to be some kind of extreme situation to bring this about, but I can't say that. I don't know much about Amber, but I do that her parents are two of the most loving, caring and accepting people that I know and they are a wonderful family to be around, even to be jealous of. I pray for you all and wish you the best with the situation.

News Review said...

She is not a good model for her students.. She must be punished accordingly.. Naturally, since the students will know of her other job, the respect of these students will no longer be there.. Hence, it is better if Amber Carter be removed from teaching.. It would be best for the students, for the school and of course for her also.