Rielle Hunter: Elizabeth Edwards Writes A Tell All?

We were hoping that Rielle Hunter would disappear in to the the pages of "B" level history..never to be heard from again. But no, it's not to be.

A quick refresher here..Rielle Hunter is/was the mistress of John Edwards,former semi-rising political star and Presidential hopeful until the affair was revealed last year. Not only was there an affair, but it seems that Ms. Hunter has a child that...well..has a strong resemblance to Johnny. That's what we heard anyway.

But, back to her re-emergence..it seems that Elizabeth Edwards has written a short memoir entitled "Resilience" which will go into detail about Elizabeth's take on the affair. The publisher will not discuss details, but rumor has it...

We understand that Mrs. Edwards has untreatable cancer and all, and we get the woman spurned thing..but damn! Let it die.

And speaking of politicians..WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE???

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Anonymous said...

I have already pre-ordered Ms. Edward's book