Texas Fireball: Meteor? Space Debris? Looked Like Optimus Prime to Us

Today's weird news:Texas Fireball

A videographer for a local news station in Austin Texas has captured on film a fireball streaking across the sky on Sunday, February 15th. There were a multitude of witnesses to the Texas UFO and theories range from a meteor or meteorite to space debris (specifically from the satellite collision the other day).

You can watch the video (link below) and decide for yourself, but we think it looks suspiciously like a Transformer entering the atmosphere. Maybe it's a publicity stunt for "Revenge of the Fallen"...

Anyway, we have seen enough scifi invasion movies to know that if this starts occurring in other places, we are heading for the hills...and you, dear readers, are on your own.

The link to view the Texas Fireball Video is HERE.

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