The Borneo Monster: A REALLY Big Snake Grabs The Headlines

By now many of you have already seen the above image of the "Borneo Monster", and we are sure someone, somewhere, is preparing an expedition to Borneo as we type this. The Borneo locals swear they have seen this is Nabau, a 100 foot long shape shifting serpent.

Oh my...

Before you go packing your backpack and finding your compass and bush machete, there are a few issues with this photo that we would like to mention to you:

1. The longest snake ever recorded is a fossil just recently found...45 feet in length and millions of years old. (Back when things were REALLY big)

2. Put the snake in perspective in the image. Notice the trees on the side of the river. Don't you think the "snake" would be a little longer than 100 feet? Okay, how about quite a bit longer?

3. Photo farce experts say this image is EXACTLY what you would expect from a fraud: Blurry, Grainy and Low Resolution.

4. The biggest tell that tells the tale...the photographer is anonymous. Apparently the image was snapped from a helicopter carrying aid workers, but no one will take credit for it. Now I don't know about you, but if I snapped this shot you can rest assured I would be up on the podium with it.

Photoshop strikes again...

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