Westminster Dog Show: PETA Protesters Say AKC Is Really KKK

From the "Have you lost your mind?" File:

At the Westminster Dog Show, PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) protesters are handing out leaflets and telling AKC members, attendees of the dog show and anyone else that will listen that the AKC is attempting to create a "master race". The protesters are clad in KKK robes with white pointy hats.

What?? The AKC?

Yes. PETA says that the AKC promotes pure-breeding dogs (Duh) which is harmful to their health. According to PETA, this practice of pure-breeding dumbs the dogs down and causes health problems to be prevalent in certain breeds.

The link to the news article is at the end of this post. But first...

We are the proud owners of a Male and Female German Shorthaired Pointer. Yes, they are pure-bred and yes they are AKC registered. And we own two Doggie Day Spas and grooming shops and are very active in the AKC AND many organizations that try to prevent cruelty to animals (ie. SICSA etc.) Mrs. Fileunderi's family has been involved in breeding, showing and taking care of dogs for over 50 years.

So what's my point?

We have an idea what we are talking about. The problem of dumbing down breeds is caused ENTIRELY by unscrupulous breeders and Puppy Mills who over breed, breed closely related dogs and basically have no idea what the hell they are doing. The AKC doesn't condone this, nor do they burn crosses in the yards of those who own mutts.

Does anyone in the PETA organization have an IQ over 80??

Here is the link to the article from MSNBC.

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