The Ten Worst Songs Ever: Music That Grates at Your Soul

Ten Terrible Tunes

Songs That Should Just Disappear From The Face Of The Earth

1. Every Breath You Take- The Police
Okay, okay...I am a big Police fan, but his little tune is the antithesis of Police music. It was a love song to make some change. Also, an overnight drive from Omaha to Dayton with my Ex when this song was popular might have something to do with it. Her tape player was broken. I lost count at 30 listens...

2. You Light Up My Life- Debby Boone
Many of you are probably not old enough to remember when this song was number 1. And number 1 again. And again. And again...

The horror...The horror...

3. Baby Come Back- Player
Another overplayed song when it was a hit. Loved the guitar solo at the end, but most radio stations didn't let it play that far. Now, the song has risen from the dead via "Transformers" and the "Swiffer" commercial. That's the thing about zombies: you can't kill them.

4. Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles
This song has the distinction of being the first video aired on MTV (Actually, the first video was the Apollo 11 moonwalk with the MTV theme, which was awesome).
For those of you a little on the older side, you might remember that MTV used to play music videos (hence the name...MTV). Anyway, this song sucked. It was probably an appropriate video that a provided a glimpse into the future of MTV.


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