The Institute For Human Continuity: Will The World End in 2012?

Would you like to enter a lottery that gives you the chance to survive the apocalypse scheduled to occur in 2012? The Institute For Human Continuity(or IHC) has a website where you can do just that. They even have super graphics to show you three possible end of the world scenarios. Sweet!

Unfortunately, they don't give you an explanation as to how they will assure your survival from the perils of OhOneTwo. Space station maybe? Colony on another world?
Naw..not enough time to construct these. Something underground perhaps? Maybe, but one of the scenarios involves the earth's crust separating and extreme volcanic activity. Underground might not be a safe place. are they going to save a fraction of mankind? Where will we hide from the perils that await us? Exactly what are the perils that await us?

But, wait! Further investigation (clicking on Terms of Service or Privacy Policy) reveals....Sony Pictures Entertainment !

It's only publicity for the movie "2012" to be released later this year.

Sorry Sony..Orson Wells you aint.

They WILL sell you a survival kit though.

And here's the link, for those of you who like a good hoax.


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