Gwyneth Paltrow: Living Life to the GOOPest

For those of you who thought GOOP was only a glue or a waterless hand cleaner...think again!! Everyone's favorite fab actress, Gwyneth Paltrow has launched a lifestyle website (appropriately titled GOOP) to let everyone know what a fab life she has...and to give you hints on how to have a fab life too.

Here is a little recent lifestyle hint from Gwynny:

"I feel a bit swallowed up in January, the days are so short, the sky is so close and gray. The best way to escape (not to mention the least expensive, most hassle-free way) is to curl up by the fire with an amazing, transportive novel."

Thank you Gwyneth!!

Not to be outdone, we here at Fileunderi have started OUR own lifestyle website... also appropriately titled: GLUM.

Here is our advice for the same January days issue:

"January really pisses us the hell off. We go to work and it's dark...we come home and it's dark, the freakin kids are screamin and the line is a mile long at the Mickey Dees drive thru. The best way for us to escape this crap ( only 15 to 20 bucks), is to curl up by the space heater (thanks to the cord running to our neighbors house to provide electricity) with the largest bottle of Jack we can afford and just say 'Screw it'."

You're welcome.

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