Lisa Lavoie: Holyoke Teacher Runs Away With 15 Year Old Student

Meet Lisa Lavoie.

The 24 year old Holyoke Massachusetts 8th Grade teacher apparently didn't like the pool of available men in her area and decided a 15 year old boy was more her speed. Unfortunately, most school districts frown on this type of teacher and student disappeared about a week ago. They were found this week in a Morgantown West Virginia motel room. Detectives say they used spending records to track the pair down (Do tell! She was stupid enough to use a credit card?)

Ms. Lavoie, who had only been a teacher for 5 months at Maurice Donahue Elementary, is now on administrative leave (love that term). She faces charges of child endangerment and statutory rape. If convicted, she also could have her Massachusetts teaching license revoked permanently.

The 15 year old boy faces becoming a legend in his town and will have a story to tell at the local watering hole for the rest of his life.

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This story made ! Check it out for all the crazy headlines from our schools. Voted Top 25 by TIME!