Tom Daschle Withdraws Nomination: Obama Thinking Of Changing Tax Code

In today's political arena, Tom Daschle has withdrawn as President Obama's nominee for the position of secretary of Health and Human Services. This follows his admission of failing to pay 140,000 in back taxes. It was a surprising move considering fellow Democrats and President Obama had expressed support for Daschle,regardless of the tax problems.

Daschle was one of Obama's closest advisers during the Presidential campaign In a joint Obama-Daschle statement, Obama accepted Daschle's withdrawal "with sadness and regret." Daschle was also going to be Obama's "Health Care Czar" and this puts a little crimp in Mr. Obama's promise to start working on the Health Care problem in the first few months of his administration.

We have a serious question here:

Did Obama get all his Cabinet Nominees from the delinquent tax list or what? We don't know how much Mr. Daschle makes a year, but 140K is a lot of jack. How do these nominees get past Obama's vetting process?


So far, two Obama nominees have withdrawn (forget about Richardson yet?) and the Treasury Secretary doesn't know how to run Turbo Tax.

It could be a loooong four years folks.

And in more political news and sweetheart deals: Judd Gregg's Chief of Staff will replace him in the Senate. Mr Gregg is nominated for Commerce Secretary and Bonnie Newman will serve through 2010.In the Senate. Unelected. Do you sense sarcasm here?

In related news, it was revealed today that the 45th in line to be President in the event of a sitting Presidents incapacitation is..the White House Chef.

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