Christian Bale Tirade: The Dark Knight Has A Temper Tantrum

It's a tough life being an actor. The pressure,the stress and the adoration of fans all get to you after a while. Not to mention the Millions that roll in when your star is rising or has already peaked.

Enter one Christian Bale, better known as the Dark Knight and now John Connor in the next (and hopefully last) installment of the Terminator series.

Let us set the stage for you: Mr Bale was REHEARSING a scene in the new Terminator film when director of photography Shane Hurlbut walked on the set. This set off a Christian Bale tirade, obviously not rehearsed, that is R rated at best. Here is the link to to listen to if you wish. (WARNING! Do not click on the link if you are offended by the F-Bomb).

Obviously, Baleboy's mother was not available to beat up, so he goes after crew members to relieve stress. On a side note, Baleboy insisted afterwards that Mr. Hurlbut be terminated immediately or Baleboy was walking off the set.

We hate to say it...The Dark Knight is a moron.

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coffee said...

I imagine Bale's under a lot of pressure, i honestly can't blame him for blowing up