Alex Rodriguez, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Bank Bailout Overhaul

Shotgun news from Fileunderi:

Alex Rodriguez says..okay, okay he did it. Lots of pressure being the highest paid player in baseball and the greatest in the game. Besides he was just a youngster(His words). Ummm..A-Rod? That was only 5 years ago.

Best line I read about this: It's a shame that A-Rod couldn't find a steroid that would make him better in the clutch.

Rihanna and Chris Brown: According to sources on the web, Chris Brown has left town and Rihanna isn't talking. The police called her wounds "horrific"(whoa). She has canceled a concert and her birthday party next week.

We want to know what happened to the "she gave him herpes" rumor. Can't find that today, so there must have been some serious retracting and editing going on while we slept.

The Bank Bailout (TARP) Overhaul: Thanks! Huge drop in the stock market today, with OUR bank taking a nice 25 percent nose dive.

The Insanity continues...


USpace said...

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Billy said...

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