The Great Cover Up: Danny Bonaduce Vs. Jose Conseco

For over a month now, we have been diligently searching the WWWeb for video of the fight of the century...Danny Bonaduce vs. Jose Conseco. The thrilla outside Philly in a skating rink WAS filmed (you can see a camera man in a photo of the fight), but a video of the brawl is NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. We did find a link on YouTube and a couple of other websites...but the video has been removed. Probably a little payoff going on.

According to eyewitness testimony: The Three Round Fight (Each round was one minute. One Minute?? Hell, Wii rounds are two minutes for God's sake) was a DRAW. Our undercover operative tells us that Conseco landed a few big blows, but appeared to be hesitant to land the knockout punch. Bonaduce claims that Conseco hit harder "than he has ever been hit in his life". Regardless, when the smoke had cleared the judges scores were as follows:

1. Two rounds Jose, One Round Danny.
2. One round to each and One round a draw.
3. Ditto.

Couldn't they have had a sudden death round?

We here at Fileunderi not only smell a cover up...the stench of a rematch is in the air.

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