The Belly Off Diet: We're Going To Save You 19 Bucks

The Belly Off Diet is a recent hot search term as folks nationwide look for that elusive diet that requires very little work and has you cut and six packed in a couple of weeks.

This diet, courtesy of Men's Health, claims the following:

*No Calorie, Carb or Fat Counting
*No feeling hungry or deprived
*No Gym-Really! (Yes, the really is really there)
*No grueling workouts
*No powders,portions or diet "foods" (their quotes, not ours)

Apparently, the key here is portion control..but we haven't spent the 19 bucks to verify it. Anyway, as a public service to our loyal readers looking for the magic cure to a weight problem, here is the "Fileunderi Lose Weight Plan"

*Get Moving: Do something everyday, even if you just walk.
*Expend more calories than you take in.
*Your plate should not be a model of the Himalayas. Stop it.
*Pie,Cake,Candy,Ice Cream,Chips and Beer are not diet foods.

If the above works for you, consider it a gift from Fileunderi.

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Or, the link for "The Belly off Diet" is HERE.

Good Luck.

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