Americans For Prosperity: NO Stimulus Petition

Americans for, a Washington D.C. based group has started an Internet based petition No Stimulus! to try and fight the current ONE TRILLION Dollar package currently being considered. It's probably a waste of time, but it is always nice to let the fine folks in Washington D.C. know that a grass roots campaign is liable to knock them off their thrones the next time they are up for election.

Saw some interesting numbers today that tried to explain what One Trillion was. The number that got me the most was: If a man had started a business the day Jesus was born and made a Million Dollars EVERY DAY...he would have One Trillion in profit in the year 2700 (approx..don't remember the exact number)

This is insane folks. FDR tried to pull us out of a depression with his New Deal and it didn't work. Yes, it put some folks to work...but it didn't have the effect on the economy that was promised.

Go to and do what needs to be done. insane and continue to ignore this issue.

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