IHOP National Pancake Day Equals Free Pancakes

Today is your lucky day. In addition to being Fat Tuesday, one of our favorite days of the year, today is also National Pancake Day. In honor of this sacred day, the International House of Pancakes is giving away FREE Pancakes! If you are lucky enough to live near an IHOP, or think free pancakes are worth a road trip, the Free Pancake deal is good through 10:00 PM (in your time zone) tonight. Don't wait until tomorrow, it will be to late.

If you have already had your fill of pancakes today, Jack In The Box is giving away two free tacos to anyone (TUESDAY ONLY) who shows up with This Coupon!

Now you only have to come up with a free dinner...

Speaking of IHOP, Nicky Hilton made a citizens arrest of a homeless man who pushed/shoved/ran into/touched her at an IHOP at roughly 5:00 AM Saturday. Evidently, an off duty officer of the law was inside an came out to see what the scuffle was and Nicky had said homeless man on the ground and was making a "citizens

I hate it when that happens...

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