Rihanna Photo: Battered Rihanna Picture Shows Up On TMZ

And in Ring Three of the Internet Circus, TMZ has upped the ante in the Battered Rihanna story by releasing a photo of a woman they claim is Rihanna and showing facial injuries. The Rihanna Photo appears to be genuine, as the LAPD has released a statement condemning the leak. We are not going to post the Rihanna Picture here, for obvious reasons...but we do have a link below for those of you who must quench your curiosity and we also have a link to the LAPD statement on the TMZ website. Once again, we believe the LAPD statement verifies that the photo is genuine.

While we believe Chris Brown is a horses ass that needs a serious beating himself, we also think that TMZ is battering Rihanna a second time by releasing this photo. Yes, she is a star and there are those that believe that stars belong to public and give up their right to privacy...but this is a little beyond posting photos of stars' cellulite laden asses and their trips to the local mall with the newborn.

Just sayin'.

Here is the link to the TMZ Photo

And Here is the link to the LAPD statement (PDF File)

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