Miley Cyrus Slant Eye Photo: Are You People For Real?

Let's take a moment and beat a dead horse.

Most of you have now seen the "Miley Cyrus Slant Eye" Photo. We received a comment on our post from one who will now boycott Miley. A blog post from the Ohio State Lantern seemed to take the slant(yep, we couldn't resist) that this photo is offensive and the boycotter commented there too. Gotta love that copy and paste.

We have seen the following reactions in the web universe..Shocking,Outrageous,Appalling etc etc ad nauseum...


Do you any of you know the context of this photo? Who took the pic? What was being discussed before and after? What part did the Asian American in the photo have in this? What about the guy making the bunny ears behind another guy? Isn't that bad too?

Miley Cyrus is 16 years old. Do any of you have a 16 year old? Raised one? They are in that terrible gray area between adulthood and childhood. They do stupid crap. Every single day. One minute you are proud as hell of them, the next minute you can only shake your head.

Shocking? Outrageous? Appalling?

No..more like a teenager acting stupid. Regardless of her "status" and her life in the public eye, she is a teenager.

Get over it people.

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