Miley Cyrus Asian Photo: Oh No! Miley Is At It Again!

The incredible self destructing pop star has struck again. What has she done this time? Drugs? Drunk driving? Tortured a kitten?

Oh no, much worse.

Miley Cyrus has..gasp!...had another photo leaked on the Internet that is "embarrassing". Is she half naked? No. Suggestive poses? No again.

She posed with some friends..well..the photo is above.

A group called the OCA is pretty pissed about this and more or less says she is a racist little witch and has hurt her Asian fans.. Oh Miiiiiley!

Quite frankly folks, what with all the groups out their "protecting the rights" of all the members of their race, class, caste, religion etc etc and the current "Don't say that's gay" commercials, the staff here at Fileunderi has to more or less fly under the radar and stay in the office.

Get a freaking life people.

In our opinion, this little flap over the Miley Cyrus picture is..well..pretty gay.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I am so glad that the OCA has spoken out against Miley Cyrus' offensive racist photos. I'm a young adult and used to be a fan of her work, as I found it wholesome entertainment, which is hard to come by these days. I was appalled and disgusted in light of the recent photos and am now boycotting her work. I applaud the OCA on calling media attention to what America's sweetheart role model is really like: racist. People are dismissing these photos as trivial, saying they're personal photos of a teenage her 'just goofing around' but fail to see that it's a reflection on her character. Ultimately she is mocking the appearances of an ethnic group. That's pretty downright disrespectful. And the people bitching out how Miley has done nothing wrong and should be left alone are just plain ignorant. She is in the media-- it's her job. Therefore there is open grounds for criticism. DEAL WITH IT. And people have the freedom of speech to express when they find something offensive.

Anonymous said...

What she did is innaproppriate, but honestly, it's nothing more than a group of teenagers making ridiculous poses in front of the camera. We were not there, and based on the inclusion of an Asian person in the photo, I think we can be safely assured they were not mocking Asians.

It's amazing what counts as "scandalous" when Miley does it. Give the girl a break, she probably didn't realize she was offending anyone.

Marcus said...

I think that it is just utterly ridiculous, The only reason that the OCA is going after her is because she is a celebrity, I am positive they are not going through facebook pictures for anything "offensive" she is a teenager and just having fun and in no way has intentions of offending anyone, just posing for a picture. Give her a break. Dang groups and protesters just looking for something to complain about.