Manny Ramírez Says NO To Dodgers 25 Million Dollar Offer

Imagine for a moment that you are arguably one of the best hitters in the game of baseball. Well, as of last October. Imagine that you are going to be 37 in May and potentially on the downhill side of your career. Now imagine that you are a free agent and nobody is making an offer for your services except the team you last played for... The L.A. Dodgers. Imagine that you went into L.A. last year and tore it up. They love you. The fans love you. And so..the Dodgers offer you TWENTY FIVE MILLION DOLLARS for ONE FREAKING YEAR. If you accept, you would be the second highest paid player in the game of baseball. Only ARod makes more than you and he is under contract already. What would you do??

Well, if you are Manny Ramirez you would say NO.


What are you thinking Manny? Will the Yankees swoop in and pay you more? The Yanks say they are done spending..although they have been known to stretch the truth a bit.

Are you waiting for a team with a better chance to win a championship and you will accept less money to play for them? Not likely when Darth Vader is your agent.

It's only February 4th..but so far Manny is our Moron of the Month. Congrats Manny!

And in more Major League Baseball news...a Barry Bonds urine sample from MLB's anonymous testing in 2003 has tested positive for "performance-enhancing substances"
and could possibly be used in his perjury trial. This particular urine sample DID NOT test positive under MLB guidelines in 2003. (Go figure)

Barry, you are the home run king on paper, but in the hearts and minds of fans you are lower than whale crap. Rest assured, you will only see the inside of the Hall of Fame as a visitor.

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