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Gobsmacked. What in the hell is Gobsmacked?

Glad you asked...

We have the Gobsmacked Meaning right here:

It's a Susan Boyleism: as in "Gobsmacked, absolutely Gobsmacked”, which is her quote after an appearance on Britain's Got Talent last Friday night.
And who is Susan Boyle? She is the woman who is wowing everyone with her voice, not her looks. What a novel concept.

But, we got ahead of ourselves here. Gobsmacked is an adjective and defined as "astonished and astounded". It is slang used by those from Britain, Australia and New Zealand.

And please don't confuse this with "Godsmacked"...which is either A) Your state of mind after front row seats at a Godsmack concert or B) What the Lord did to you when you got a little too big for your damn britches.

If nothing else, you are now One Word smarter.


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