Extremely Ugly Woman Lures Teens With Pot And Alcohol For Sex

And yet another example of the old adage that a teenager will screw anything that moves and do anything for Pot or Booze.

Jennifer Lynn Wills, 30, of Gresham Oregon has been arrested on charges she gave teenagers pot and alcohol in exchange for sex. Wills, pictured above (Yikes!!), was charged with six counts of sexual abuse, three counts of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, three counts of delivery of marijuana to a minor and three counts of delivery of alcohol to a minor. She is being held on $137,500 bail.

Wills came under suspicion after two of the teenagers went to police. Five victims have been identified so far, but the police think there might be more. She was arrested after a five month investigation.

No offense Jennifer, but we here at Fileunderi would go straight and masturbate before we would hit that.

Those crazy teenagers...


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