Doctor Tells Woman Rubbing Her Breasts Was A Pregnancy Test

Meet Dr. Alan Tutin.

Dr. Tutin had his GP licence revoked by the medical board in Great Britain because he "'repeatedly breached the special position of trust he occupied".

What did Dr. Alan Tutin do?


He told a woman she had to strip down to her underwear for an eye exam. And so, she did. He's the doctor, after all.

He fondled and rubbed a woman's breasts and told her it was the best way to tell if she was pregnant.

He told a community midwife who he was treating to "get your kit off", before molesting her. He claimed he was checking her pulse.

He told a student doctor who needed him to sign off on her training to undress because he "liked Chinese women".

He told a woman that thought she had Cystitis that the condition was caused by sex, because "nuns don't get it". Then he sexually assaulted her.

During his 32 year career, Dr. Tutin has been accused of sexual abuse by 18 women, a teenage girl, an eight year old boy, a trainee doctor and a midwife.

And we're quite sure there is a farm animal somewhere that bears the scars too.

Dr Feelgood?


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