Who Gets Custody Of The Dog Semen?

From the "Why The Court System Is A Freaking Mess" File:

Here's a little gem...

Lawyers for Karen Scully and Anthony Scully appeared before a family court judge in Oakland County Circuit Court in Pontiac Michigan to argue over custody of:

Dog Semen.

The couple, already legally divorced, apparently cannot agree over who should have the frozen sperm of their Bullmastiffs...dogs that routinely have a value of up to$2000.

The judge that heard the case, Family Court Judge Cheryl Matthews, was just sure she was being Punk'd or it was some sort of Candid Camera thing. Matthews ruled the dispute wasn't a divorce matter and told the couple they would have to take their arguments to civil court. The case was assigned to Oakland County Circuit Judge Leo Bowman.

A quote from Judge Cheryl, "My best wishes for Judge Bowman".



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